I Want a New Camera!

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1st-4th Generation Camaros

1st generation Camaro – 1969
2nd generation Camaro – 1981
3rd generation Camaro – 1987
4th generation Camaro – 2002


1987 Chevy IROC Z

Original paint, 350 built motor, nom nom nom!


Reflex Silver MKiV .:R32

At the Dekalb Convocation Center on NIU campus, here’s a few recent shots of Luis’ RS R32!



Spring Weather Finally

The weather is finally warming up in Northern IL, and it’s time to get out and enjoy the weather and get some more photos!


I will be able to diversify my portfolio with more vehicles, soon!




MKiV .:R32

I’m entering the intermediary stages of my photography and editing as I would like to think, and I’d like to share some of my favorite pictures of my personal mode of transportation, my 2004 [ Black Magic Pearl ] Volkswagen R32. These are in the near stages of final edits.


Luke’s Evo IX

Took some more pics of my buddy Luke’s Evo IX before the end of driving season and the car gets some major work done!